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When will it dawn on feminists that nobody hates men more than other men do? That many of their examples of “misogyny” are really just men treating women like they’ve always treated other men, indifferent to their suffering and indifferent to their discomfort. While feminists prattle on about rape culture I’d like to see them show me a parade for rapists like we throw parades to glorify men who go out and kill other men.

Man dies saving other peoples lives. Precisely no one is especially surprised.

How often do we see this sort of thing that it just becomes ho-hum… another man dies trying to save someone else… or successfully saving someone else.

Yet feminists spin those actions… that man died not because he was taught from birth that his needs, his life, and his self mattered less… and that others mattered more… but that it’s because he felt women were too weak to save anyone so it’s up to him.

Feminists actually believe this shit.

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Empath Negative vs. Himself!

In this video I talk about how I’m full of shit, how you’re full of shit, and how feminists are definitely full of shit… but mostly about how I’m full of shit.

This shit is starting to feel like a fucking call in show. “TONIGHT… WITH EMPATH NEGATIVE! Kill… Kill… Kill… The White Man… Shit Social Justicers Say that they clearly haven’t fucking thought through!”.

Anonymous said: you constantly say feminists have the wrong idea about what the patriarchy is. please explain it to get this lack of understanding out of the way

I have again and again.

Imagine a giant network…

^^System of Survival Instincts^^

Feminists see a small thread in it… the part of the thread that most affects them, in this case men operating in what appears to be a “dominant role”. This is “the patriarchy” and is envisioned by feminists to be pretty much the whole damn thing *TODAY*. That’s the key, even if feminists might recognize that we had any number of prehistorical evolutionary influences… the only one that really has any significant importance is “The Patriarchy”.

And it is through this INCREDIBLE bait and switch that Feminists find so much of their power. They ignore the bits of the survival instinct system that instructs women to let men die for them, that makes us all hard hearted to the suffering of males, that has benefited women TREMENDOUSLY throughout history and still does.

If “breeding” is evidence of evolutionary success than women have *overwhelmingly been more successful than men. A significant portion of men have never reproduced and their line died with them. Women have not historically had this problem. Think on why that is.

Further, feminism actually uses these instincts AGAINST us. I know… know… KNOW you are absolutely convinced our society views women as weak as so that’s why they aren’t being sent down into the fucking coalmines in droves… but it’s the exact opposite… it’s not because they’re weak, it’s because they’re PRECIOUS that we’re not sending them into coalmines to die.

Conversely, men, due to their disposability have been sent against horror after horror after horror… from motherfucking cave bears to mustard gas… and those that survived reproduced. We have TWO lines of evolution happening in our species at any given time. The evolutionary path of our males… and the evolutionary path of our females. And those two paths are NOT identical because the purposes those sexes serve are NOT identical.

And Evolution is pretty fucking cut throat.

Tumblr Feminist: You’re a rapist because we say you are. 
I think violation of the laws of my state actually do count as harassment. What do you guys think? Write me and tell me what you think.

Tumblr Feminist: You’re a rapist because we say you are.

I think violation of the laws of my state actually do count as harassment. What do you guys think? Write me and tell me what you think.

Meet Feminism. Please, reblog this shit.

Meet Feminism. Please, reblog this shit.

a personal blog: You know what? Just, just something needs to come along and kill all...


You know what? Just, just something needs to come along and kill all men, soon please. Like I got into this feminism thing thinking “teehee I’m not one of those hairylegged lesbian manhating anti-pornography kinkshaming feminists, I’m rational.” But really being rational and wishing all men would…

The rational path to killing off 50% of the world’s population. Brought to you by FEMINISM!

According to this feminist, she believes it would be rational for 50% of the people in this gif to die.

Feminism: It’s about equality. Meet Feminism.

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Shortly after feminism became mainstream in American Society we switched to the whole word method, which, as has been demonstrated terrible all around and horrible especially for boys.

What you might not have known is that using Phonics BOYS LEARN REMARKABLY FASTER THAN GIRLS.

And that’s why it had to be killed.

Boys taught using synthetic phonics were able to read words significantly better than girls at the age of seven, with all pupils ahead of the standard for their age.

Fucking feminists.

In the US boys are ridiculously behind girls in reading… but that was a deal with the devil they were willing to sign in the blood of seven year old boys.

I talk a lot about the reading gap between boys and girls that’s prevalent in all fifty states. Feminists will tell you it’s not institutional bias. Except it is. In homeschooled boys and girls there’s no reading gap at all.

Information here. From motherfucking Live Science.

I’m curious…


What, for you, are the three most basic human rights, one’s that all people should be compelled—both legally and morally—to uphold?

  1. The right to ownership of your person and the actions of your person. That no one may have access or ownership of your person without your express consent. That no one has right or access to the fruits of the actions of your person without your express consent.
  2. The right of expression. To express your belief, ideas, and sense of self in a manner that does not deprive a person of their rights of person. I can rage out, but I cannot rage out and punch you. Even though this would be an expression of my anger, it would be a violation of the other persons rights.
  3. The right of redress of wrongs. I may seek justice against those that have wronged me in some manner by violating my right of person, or my right of expression.

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You’d think the feminists would be happy with my position on a rapist having access to his child. Female rapists have not only retained custody of their children, they’ve been able to successfully sue the male child they raped for child support. The Feminist movement had nothing to say about it then. Yet when the victim is female and the offender is male… well shit, suddenly the very thought of such a Monster having access to that child is unthinkable! Yay Gender Equality. *snicker*

Feminism is the State sponsored religion the Founders warned us about. Reblog this. NOW.

Feminism is the State sponsored religion the Founders warned us about. Reblog this. NOW.