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sturmbannfuehrer-deactivated201 said: Why do you compare feminism to creationism? I mean, I don't get the parallels. The everyday creationist seems harmless.

Because the Creationist will believe in something that’s so clearly wrong no matter what you put in front of them. They simply *cannot* see what’s right in front of them. The degree of cognitive dissonence required suggests that their identity is so wrapped up in this particular religious viewpoint that to seperate themselves from it, to admit they were wrong would in some part, dissolve their very sense of self.

Feminism is the exact same way. Instead of Churches they have Women’s and Gender Studies courses, and a litany of other social groups whose express purpose is to forward their agenda. Like any religious group.

This is also how/why feminists manage to wiggle out of a lot of the arguments against feminism. The “Nafalt” rebuke (not all feminists are like that) stems from the fact that Feminism has a lot of different “denominations” that all interpret feminist philosophy differently. However, the overwhelming majority of feminists are public relations feminists. They’re the foot soldiers… our sisters, our mothers, girlfriends, co-workers, etc who espouse feminist beliefs and largely do believe in equality.

They’re not the ones who are pushing agenda though. They merely provide an adequate smokescreen for the feminists who actually “get shit down” to go about their business… and the shit they get done is often fucking terrible. From the title IX letter that absolves the accused (read: men) of virtually all of their rights to trial, to the feminists who intentionally had billions redirected to “female oriented” work rather than jobs that would help men who had been disproportionately hurt by the economic downturn. In other words, these feminists made sure that women reaped a disproportional benefit from the stimulus, even though it was men who were hurt far more. And this trend is frighteningly common among feminists. The desire to give women advantage, at any cost… even if it means raising a generation of illiterate boys… or sometimes worse…. they’ll do it.

And that kind of fundamentalism  that kind of extremism… and that degree of hate and indifference to suffering… is what makes Feminists similar to Creationists.

Obama tries to limit free speech: Google says “Go fuck yourself”.


Google flat out rejects a request by Obama’s whitehouse administration to take down the recent youtube video that has caused such an uproar.

Today is a proud day for Google.

PR Feminism and the Cult of The First Diverse Feminist

"This place is an echo chamber… where everyone stands around in a circle and congratulates themselves on their cruelty… and banishes anyone who doesn’t. Places like this are the birthplace of horrors…

It’s a dehumanizing place. Take Hadassahgrace…. the person directly above me. They sum up the total of men’s issues as “Mean things said on the internet”, entirely ignoring the roughly 20-1 work death ratio, forced conscription, or that fifteen year old boys can be forced to pay child support to the thirty five year old women that raped them.

Hadasshgrace can do this because they dehumanize the other. Whereas women’s issues are painted in some of the most graphic and disturbing detail possible… men’s issues are portrayed as though men are just being pouty and whiny.

Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall down a manhole and die.

His article is the sideshow here… but what fascinates me is the men and women gathered to watch the freak. How they snicker and sneer and condescend. It’s even noted on their page that they’ll endeavor to publicly humiliate people they don’t like. That don’t agree with them.

You know, like the Church of Scientology does.

So, within this echo chamber, complete with its punishment of the heretics… I have to wonder to what extent they would go.”

I posted that in response to an article on a website called skepchick.org. It was censored. Wasn’t even posted.

I’m going to ask the rhetorical “Why?”… why wasn’t my comment posted. It was critical of the group, certainly… but it wasn’t hateful. I didn’t use slurs, I didn’t demand violence, in fact… nothing I said was anywhere near as caustic as the other commenters.

So then why was my comment censored?

First, a disclaimer. They can censor anything they want. It’s their website. More power to them. However, I was raised to view book burning as bad. That the stifling of ideas and opinions was a negative. Trolling I can see trying to keep to a minimum. If I’d simply written “Your moms a whore” sixty times over. Yeah, I’d get why my comment was censored. But that’s not why it was censored. No… it was something much more intellectually hideous.

My comment was censored because feminism demands a cult like regulation of thought. Feminism demands an echo chamber. It’s why feminists are completely convinced in their own righteousness and almost always impervious to contrary evidence. When you disagree with them they’ll simply return to a “safe space” where they’ll find agreement and comfort. They’ll exile you from the conversation and replace you with a soothing talking head.

What’s most fascinating about the site though, is that it makes no bones about its intentions. It even threatens dissenters.

This site is our house, and we reserve the right to kick out anyone who is making it an unpleasant place to hang out. Further, if you are particularly awful, we reserve the right to warn all of our blogger friends about you and make your email and IP public.” -Skepchick.org

That’s right… if they don’t like you they’ll make you a big fat internet target. They reserve the right to divulge any and all information about you so that any nutjob on the internet can show up at your door, track you down, etc etc.

This peaceful and gentle site that won’t even let you record their members at gatherings because of “intimidation” makes no qualms about openly intimidating and even cruelly punishing those they choose.

Many feminists will come crawling out of the woodwork now to say that’s not mainstream feminism… but that’s where they’re wrong. The “feminists” that want actual equality aren’t mainstream… they’re PR. What you’re seeing above. Those are the real feminists. Those are the ones who see to it things like Title IX (that strips away rights of due process and protections against double jeopardy) become regulation.

The reason those feminists are the real feminist movement rather than the PR Feminists is because those are the ones leading the movement, marshalling the troops, and acting as its priesthood.

The PR Feminist is just another tool. The PR Feminist is your mom, or your sister, or your friends girlfriend. She’s someone you identify with and think “Aw, they’re not that bad”.

That’s why they’re the Face. That’s why they’re the advertising campaign the actual feminists turn to when she needs to get done.

PR Feminists can be convinced that men should have reproductive rights, that there should be such a thing as a male pill. Those same PR Feminists don’t get invited to the meetings that seek to ban that very pill… as happened to this scientist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JymN5yu-K_o

In fact, if you watch the video starting at about 5:00 those talking head feminists who are initially hardcore about blaming men for the lack of a male pill are floored when the scientist, noted endocrinologist Dr. Coutinho says it was a political move on the part of feminists who wanted to block the pill. The feminist talking head quickly ended the interview after it became apparent the interview wasn’t fitting into her agenda.

So, if you’re a feminist reading this and thinking “Wow, that’s really insane that feminists would block a male birth control pill in order to maintain power” then chances are you’re a PR Feminist. You’re there as a tool and as a face to ensure a kind of plausible deniability within the feminist movement. You serve your purpose well.

The rest of the Feminists, the real feminists… the ones with their cult-like public punishment websites that will make a point to terrorize you on a personal level for disagreeing with them… the ones who write shit like: "Swedish rape laws don’t ban "sex by surprise" (a term used by Assange’s lawyer as a crass joke), but they do go much further than U.S. laws do, and we should look to them as a potential model for our own legislation.

In fact, some activists and legal experts in Sweden want to change the law there so that the burden of proof is on the accused; the alleged rapist would have to show that he got consent, instead of the victim having to prove that she didn’t give it.” -Jessica Valenti

i.e. Goodbye Innocent until proven guilty… you know, sorta like with what happened in Title IX. Then again, you’re still considered .01% innocent rather than guilty with Title IX.

So, PR Feminists I hope you see that you’re getting used like tools… but chances are, you won’t.

Wanetta Gibson: Feminist Champion

And on our continuing series of cognitive dissonance, let’s take a quote from the Associated Press and apply it to the real world:

"It was uncertain whether Gibson will have to return the money and unlikely she would be prosecuted for making the false accusation so long ago, when she was 15."

Take a good hard look at that. Does it make your blood boil? Do you seethe with rage? Are you sympathetic to the fifteen year old girl who got wrapped up in a situation beyond her control?

Alright, you know, I can be sympathetic to said fifteen year old girl. I really can. It can be pretty scary when shit suddenly “gets real”. Even with the terrible consequences to Banks I can still be sympathetic to that fifteen year old girl. Here’s where my sympathy ends…

What about when she turned twenty? Twenty two? Twenty four?

For TEN FUCKING YEARS she walked around knowing what she’d done was wrong. And she said NOTHING. She didn’t come forward to the prosecutors. She didn’t contact the fucking jail. She didn’t say a word to a judge, or a lawyer. Anyone. She sat back and spent her fucking money.

Fifteen? At age fifteen I can be sympathetic. But when she’s STILL keeping the lie going ten years after the fact I stop being sympathetic in a big fucking hurry. Remember, she let him rot for six years, and every day she said nothing.

I can have sympathy for the crime she committed when she was fifteen. I could find reason to temper justice with mercy. But she didn’t simply do wrong then. Every single day she spent free, spent cash, spent walking about, living her life, while his life wasted away for a crime he never commit…. that she KNEW he’d never commit. That… that is a crime of an entirely separate scope and magnitude.

And where, friends, where are the feminists to hold this woman accountable? Where are their shrieking cries for equality? To hold women to the same standards men are… 

"They have a lot of pain, but it is not a pain that I would necessarily have spared them. I think it ideally initiates a process of self-exploration. ‘How do I see women?’ ‘If I didn’t violate her, could I have?’ ‘Do I have the potential to do to her what they say I did?’ Those are good questions."  Catherine Comins on men being falsely accused of rape.

"Power is tearing human minds apart and putting them back together in new shapes of your own choosing." -O’Brien

Meet Feminism.

Feminist…RAPE SORCERY!!!1 WooooOoOOOoooo!!!

Rape Sorcery..

Dear God… our streets are CRAWLING with rapists!!!!

You know, when I talk about “magic tricks” with feminism a lot of people don’t get what I’m talking about. I’m going to use this opportunity to spell it out. The above is a magic trick. It’s complete fabricated bullshit. It’s a lie. Even if the statistics are predicated on truth (i.e. roughly 50% of reported alleged rapes really do end in an arrest..), its still all bullshit.

And it’s the Rape Sorcery bullshit that makes it so dangerous. Because someone who WANTS to believe this shit will never stop to analyze it. They’ll accept the Voodoo without questioning it. Have you figured it out yet? 

The sleight of hand here is right at the very beginning. In clever misdirection it never gives you the chance to ask “Did a rape actually occur”? No. It ASSUMES that if a woman reported a rape then a rape occurred. In other words it’s based on feminine infallibility. Furthermore, it’s based on the notion of guilty before innocent. The police get it wrong, the courts get it wrong, everyone gets it wrong… but not her. If *she* says you’re a rapist, according to the above, you are a motherfucking rapist.

You’re a rapist because she says you are, not because you committed a crime or actually raped someone. She is judge and jury alone, and all the above is about is whether the public fails or succeeds at its part as executioner by doing the smart thing and agreeing with her.

That’s the magic trick. That’s Rape Sorcery. Some would turn staves into snakes but much more impressive is turning an innocent person into a criminal in the blink of a meme. Meet feminism.

A Creationist and a Feminist walk into a bar….

You know that’s the real problem with feminists right? Check yo religion, homez…

It’s not that they’re pursuing equality, it’s not even that they’re bigoted (if theya re), against men… 

No, the problem with Feminists is that they’re Creationists… without being aware they are Creationists.

And I don’t mean Creationist in the Judeo-Christian sense… but Creationist in the “Motherfucker, I have a telescope right fucking here. You can do the math with a pencil and a piece of paper right fucking here. If the universe is only six fucking thousand years old then why the fuck can we see the edges of a milky way galaxy that is roughly 120 thousand light years across? Why, motherfucker, why?”.

And they’ll stare at you blankly or say something like Satan Did It, or whatever. What they won’t do is confront the issue head on in a rational manner. They can’t.

But, uh, why not? Why can’t Creationists accept that the universe is bigger around than my dick (but only slightly?). Well, johnny, lemme clear that up for you and this is going to be pretty important so pay attention.

The Creationists sense of “self” has become so wrapped up in the ideology that the Universe is made by God and is around 6k years old that to say “Why yes, yes this is all full of shit!” would be confessing that they themselves are “wrong”. And I don’t mean as in argument ‘wrong’ I mean as in they, as a human being, are defective and weak. It’s coming out and saying “Why yes old bean, I admit, I’m inferior to you!”. When you challenge Creationism you’re challenging their sense of self. When you attack Creationism, in the Creationists heart, you’re attacking *the Creationist themselves* because, in their own way, the belief and the person are indistinguishable from one another. “I am Jack’s Fundamentalist Christian Belief Structure”, not “I am Jack with a fundamentalist Christian Belief Structure”. No, the two are intertwined like a swirl ice cream cone.

And this is what the Creationist and the Feminist talk about in the bar. Except there’s one tremendous difference.

The Feminist is one step further because not only is the Feminist on par with the Creationist as far as “investment of self” goes but the Feminist is convinced *EVERYONE ELSE BUT THE FEMINIST* is.

Let me try to clarify. Consider the notion of an “Evangelical Atheist” (best I could come up with). The Evangelical Atheist (and I’m talking the real fundamentalist sorts here, you may know a few) that constantly goes on and on about atheism, the inferiority of people of faith, and so on and so forth. They never shut the fuck up about it and they never change the subject.

Yet strangely it never dawns on them that they’re engaging in the same kind of assholery they hate in Evagelical Christians. The preaching, the holier-than-thou attitude, the zealotry. They just can’t see it. 

Which brings us back to Feminists. They’ve got the faith, they attend the church, they promote the dogma, but they are absolutely and to the last man *snicker* convinced that they’re beyond such things. “Feminism isn’t a religion!”, they’ll say while completely missing the point that human beings can become very faithful to any number of ideologies. Faithful in the exact same way our fundie friends are devoted to the church. Yet the Feminist cannot see how that applies to them.

Whereas the Creationist can at least see and acknowledge that there may be “faith based” aspects of their ideology, the Feminist cannot and is actively convinced there’s nothing faith based about their ideology at all… That’s the problem with Feminists. That’s what makes them so dangerous. A Feminist reading this right now cannot see it. Even as it’s being spelled out for them. Their ideology is that entrenched in their sense of self.

The NerdyDyke’s Dad.

"Dear Dad,

You know… I’ve said this multiple times already, but it’s NOT ok for you to use the n-word. I don’t care if you’re using it “by definition”, don’t do that shit. Also… I can not understand why a biphobic, heterosexist asshole like yourself decided to go to fucking KEY WEST for your honeymoon. I also can’t understand your logic when you say that you want gays and lesbians to have the same rights as straights, but your own daughter as well as every other person who is LGBTQ+ should not be allowed to marry because “words mean things” and we “can’t change the meaning of the word to suit our selfish needs”.

I also can not understand why you like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, and all of those other assholes so much. You claim to be intelligent, yet you’re extremely ignorant in terms of sex, gender, sexuality, race, and pretty much every other aspect. I still also don’t understand why you hate the French so much. You ARE part French dad. That blood runs through your veins just as much as it does for me. I swear, if you weren’t my father I’d probably cut you from my life completely.

You also KNOW how my mother treated me, and yet you want me to respect her. You KNOW that she spent a lot of the child support money on fixing up the house. You KNOW what she let Jim do to me, and how horrible of a person she is, and yet you still defend her… you even willingly go out and eat dinner with her when she’s in the area. She ran off with me while you were away at guard duty and then tried to make it so you wouldn’t have any form of custody over me because she was jealous, you have no reason to still be in contact with her now.

I realize that you believe the world to be black and white with VERY little grey in between, but when you mature and grow up you’ll realize that it’s a lie. That you’ve been lied to, and programmed to be ignorant. You’ll realize that you too are stuck in a system that screws you over as well. You’d realize that what I’m doing helps you too. You always told me growing up “someone has to be the adult, and it’s not going to be me”. Well now is your time to grow up, Dad. I will hold your hand for a little while, but after that you’re on your own to educate yourself.

This is not to say that I’m not grateful for what you have done for me, I am. I’m just tired of your bullshit and your need to manipulate and control people. I’m tired of you pretending that you’re right, and that I’m the one who’s being ignorant and childish.


Your 20 year-old daughter who is an individual.”

Read more: http://nerdydyke.tumblr.com/#ixzz1o4TWBf8v

This is the internet. Because this is the internet and I can do crazy shit like I’m about to do, I’m going to do it. Despite never speaking to NerdyDyke, her Father, her Mother, nor anyone else involved in the story I am hereby nominating myself the Advocate and Defender of NerdyDyke’s Dad. I know zero about their lives, nothing about the situation. I’m effectively talking out of my ass based on what amounts to a five paragraph letter.

I read the letter once. I read the letter twice. Something about it really “stuck” with me. Clearly ND feels that her father is, if not a pretty terrible person, an ignorant and manipulative bigot. Yet even in reading that I began to see things that it appears she has entirely missed.

Here we have a husband who, while serving his country in the military, has his wife abandon him, steal his child, and then completely deprive him of custody of that child.

Now, how does this ignorant, manipulative bigot respond? By fighting to maintain some form of custody for a child he clearly loves, and then paying out year after year in child support despite knowing the money isn’t going to his child and instead going to the house the mother now lives in (presumably with her most recent fuck buddy).

What the daughter seems to miss is the consequence of him NOT paying that child support. Had he done that it’s rather obvious that the mother would’ve deprived him of access to his daughter completely. You know, the daughter that clearly calls his intelligence (if not moral integrity) into question? So, despite knowing he’s completely being used, raped by the mother, he pays in year after year just to maintain contact with his daughter.

The man even goes on to urge his daughter to respect her mother, if nothing else because she’s her mother. Why not denounce her? Why not demean her? Why not tell his daughter how much of a piece of shit her mother clearly is? Again, the daughter seems to completely miss the how amazing this man is. He seems to be keenly aware that there is a connection between a daughters self image and how a man treats her mother. Time and time again we’ve been told that daughters of wife beaters grow up to become the wives of wife beaters. Instead, this man suggests this woman is not simply “alright” but actually deserving of respect. Because he’s trying to instill his DAUGHTER with the view that SHE is deserving of respect.

And throughout this letter, the young woman clearly views her father with contempt, specifically in the arena of gender, sexual, and race relations. Clearly the man comes from a different time and his views differ from hers. You know what he’s not though? A fucking hate monger. That much is clear from the letter. He doesn’t spew hate, he doesn’t attend clan rallies, he doesn’t pass out literature demanding a second holocaust. His views differ from hers but there appears to be very little actual malice (if any) behind them. In fact he seems to be an alright guy, more of a live and let live (for the most part) type. I’m not saying he’s going to win any LGBT awards but I don’t see the guy crawling up a water tower scrawling “FUK ALL UR NIGGURZ!!” either.

And for having these relatively progressive views (considering the standard Fox News/Ann Coulter/Rush Limbaugh crowd he gets labeled a bigot, biphobic, heterosexist asshole. By his daughter. Yeah. Wow.

She goes on to say that if he wasn’t her dad (You know, the guy that endured the painful custody battle, the destruction of his family, and the batshit crazy mother who raped him for years and years of who knows how much cash and happiness in child support just so he could maintain contact with his daughter? Yeah, that guy.) she’d cut him out of her life completely.

Well, his daughter then goes on, with absolute fucking contempt, to tell him that he needs to mature and that although she’d be willing to “hold his hand” for a little while, that he needs to educate himself. Because, you know. She’s leaving him on account of her being tired of *his* bullshit. Yes, let me repeat this *HIS* bullshit.

She then says that (although he’s an asshole, remember) she’s grateful. Not because he’s clearly loved her throughout the years. Not because he’s stood up for her who knows how many times. Not because he actually seems like a really great dad all things considered.

No, she’s grateful for the shit he’s “done for her”. She’s grateful for his fucking service.


She then, as if the she hadn’t smeared shit over the guys face enough, then proceeds to say “Love, your daughter the individual”.

So, at this juncture let me again say the only thing I know about this situation is what I read in this letter. That’s it, that’s all. Unfortunately this letter reads like some fucked up disney caricature of a bitchy ex girlfriend that, after the firefighter has saved her life from the burning building proceeds to flip the fuck out on that selfsave firefighter for being so much of a fucking failure because her matching luggage wasn’t saved as well.

Seriously, read the letter. She never says a SINGLE complimentary thing. Not once. She does not once acknowledge in a positive way her father fighting for custody, paying child support, remaining active in her life, or swallow the shit sandwich her cunt mother fed him on a monthly basis just so he COULD stay active in her life.

It’s as if she added the little grateful bit at the end just so the world wouldn’t think her a total piece of shit. In the end, even the nicest thing she says to her father comes across as completely self serving. Because it probably is.

That’s the degree of contempt she feels for her father. Her father, who was arguably even more of a victim in this situation than she was. Her father who made a hell of an effort to be a good and understanding dad, even when it required him to step out of his comfortable boundaries.

There’s not much more than could be said about that letter, not really. But there’s one last thing I could say to NerdyDyke.

Get up, go to the nearest mirror and with the shame and sorrow I so hope you feel right now, look into it deeply and say “I am my Mother”. Because every single word you’ve written about her can absolutely be applied to you.


What’s the common mantra? That it’s silly to hate someone because of their skin color. Yet, think on this for a moment. Let’s compare a caucasian male to an east asian male, even ignoring skin color.

There are differences in the shape of the eye, hair color, eye color, general height, skull shape and so forth. These are all physical characteristics. We may say “color of their skin” but what we’re actually talking about are far more differences physically than simply skin color, yet skin color is the most obvious.

When talking about gay males the first thing that comes to mind is “sexual attraction to other men”. Yet, is that the only characteristic that is associated with gay men? Certainly not.

It could be argued that although the most significant and obvious characteristic the gay male shares with the heterosexual woman is an attraction to men, there could very well be others.

Let’s consider for a moment that in all probability biological homosexuality is based on genetics rather than something that occurred in the womb or early in life. If we think of our natural instincts to be a kind of “hard wired code” that instructs our behavior it could be assumed that, like any other number of genetic traits, this code can mix and meld in unpredictable ways. Such as how one can be born with blue eyes, one can have three legs, or another can be unusually strong.

Consequently it would not be impossible for a person with an otherwise masculine body to be born with the instincts of a female, despite still feeling “male”. Further, because these traits were considered dangerous, the gay may historically would have to hide them. In other words, rather than living a life of bumpluggery, he’d find himself a pleasant and likely rather suspicious ye olde bearde. This in turn would propagate his line, passing his genes along. Which is why the propensity for homosexuality never “died out” so to speak. This of course assuming that it even can die out, homosexuality may simply be a natural consequence of a two gendered system of reproduction.

For the Americans… Should Contraceptives be paid for by the employer.. even against religious conviction?

The simple answer is “no”. The longer answer is “absolutely not”.

The United States Constitution does not guarantee one access to contraceptives. You can read it back and forth, up and down, left and right.

Go ahead, read it yourself:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Does requiring me to purchase a product that expressly disagrees with my faith prohibit the free exercise of my religion? Yes.

It’s as simple as that.

Reproductive rights do not supersede the First Amendment.